Welcome To HOPE Presbyterian Church

“HOPE” is a misunderstood word. Especially when asked, “Do you believe you will be in heaven when you die?” most people will say “I hope so!” not in confidence, certainty or assurance; but skeptically and doubtfully. This is because so many are counting on their good conduct to be acceptable before God, and to balance out their misdeeds. We have called our church “HOPE” because we want to bring the confidence, certainty and assurance of Jesus Christ’s saving grace to you so you can declare “Christ in me, the hope of glory.”

We are a Reformed and Presbyterian congregation that has been in Kingston over four years. Our desire is to see the church of the Lord Jesus grow. We want to bring the message of God’s saving love and mercy in Jesus Christ to you, so you can worship and serve God in the hope of eternal glory.
Perhaps you are one who was baptized but stopped going to church; maybe you see church as unimportant to your life; or maybe you have never heard what Jesus Christ did in order for you to know, believe, worship and serve God. Whatever the reason, might you take a moment and think about who God is, and consider where you are in relation to Him.
If I can be of any help in answering any questions please contact me.
— Rev. Kevin Carter

Sunday Services

10:30am   |   5:30pm