An Ascending Spiritual Life - The Psalms of Ascent

How do you rise out of those times of distress? When a trial comes into your life and you feel your faith being tried and perhaps even failing, how do you strengthen what faith remains? Or when you find your life marked by decline into sin, wandering from God, or drifting away from those spiritual exercises of prayer bible reading and devotion, how do you rekindle zeal and joy? These Psalms of Ascent - Psalm 120-134 - are Songs of Ascent, which in the leading of the Holy Spirit can bring you an ascending spiritual life.

Psalm 120 - Confronting Distress

Psalm 121 - The LORD My Helper

Psalm 122 - The Joy of the Church

Psalm 123 - Set Your Eyes to the LORD

Psalm 124 - If God Be For Us

Psalm 125 -The Lord Surrounds His People

Psalm 126 -When the Lord's Captives Return

Psalm 127 -Unless the LORD...Vanity

Psalm 128 -The Blessed Man

Psalm 129 -The LORD Is Righteous

Psalm 130 -Wait for the LORD

Psalm 131 -The Grace of Humility

Psalm 132:1-9 -Zeal for God's Glory

Psalm 132:10-18 -God's Glorious Grace

Psalm 133 -Blessed Unity

Psalm 134 -Blessing the LORD Blessing