This series of sermons examines the hard experience of understanding the sovereign purposes of God during a time when the church has become mired in sinful conduct, resembles more the world than the kingdom of God, and there seems so little fruit of grace. How do we come to that place of joy and rejoicing in the Lord?


Wrestling with God in an Ungodly Age

O Lord How Long?

The Just Shall Live by Faith

The Vindication of Faith

O Lord Revive Your Work

In Wrath Remember Mercy


The Covenant of Grace

This series is looking at the unifying theme of the Old and New Testament, which is God's everlasting covenant of grace. The whole of Scripture is the unfolding of God's promise to redeem his people from their sins and death, through the blood [death and resurrection] of the Lord Jesus Christ. From its commencement in the Garden of Eden, to its consummation at the end of the age in the revelation of the glorified perfected bride of Christ [Revelation 21], God's Word reveals this covenant of grace.

The Covenant of Grace Commenced

The Covenant of Grace -Preservation

The Covenant of Grace -Promise

The Covenant of Grace -Righteousness

The Covenant of Grace -Emmanuel

The Covenant of Grace -Circumcision

The Covenant of Grace -Resurrection

The Covenant of Grace -Passover

The Covenant of Grace -Law

The Covenant of Grace -The Tabernacle

The Covenant of Grace - Kingship

The Covenant of Grace -The New Covenant

The Covenant of Grace -The Mediator

Walking in the Spirit - The Fruit of the Spirit

What is the character of the Christian, which is purposed to be indicative of every believer, and which reveals one is living in the Spirit? What is the purpose of the fruit of the Spirit? The Holy Spirit has been give by the Father and the Son to be the believer's Helper in living the new creation life to the glory of God. This series looks at what it means to "Walk in the Spirit", where the fruit of the Spirit is maturing within us.

Walking in the Spirit

Walk in Love [1]

Walk in Love [2]

Walking in Joy

Walking in Peace

Walking in Longsuffering

Walking in Kindness

Walking in Goodness

Walking in Faithfulness

Walking in Gentleness

Walking in Self-Control

An Ascending Spiritual Life - The Psalms of Ascent

How do you rise out of those times of distress? When a trial comes into your life and you feel your faith being tried and perhaps even failing, how do you strengthen what faith remains? Or when you find your life marked by decline into sin, wandering from God, or drifting away from those spiritual exercises of prayer bible reading and devotion, how do you rekindle zeal and joy? These Psalms of Ascent - Psalm 120-134 - are Songs of Ascent, which in the leading of the Holy Spirit can bring you an ascending spiritual life.

Psalm 120 - Confronting Distress

Psalm 121 - The LORD My Helper

Psalm 122 - The Joy of the Church

Psalm 123 - Set Your Eyes to the LORD

Psalm 124 - If God Be For Us

Psalm 125 -The Lord Surrounds His People

Psalm 126 -When the Lord's Captives Return

Psalm 127 -Unless the LORD...Vanity

Psalm 128 -The Blessed Man

Psalm 129 -The LORD Is Righteous

Psalm 130 -Wait for the LORD

Psalm 131 -The Grace of Humility

Psalm 132:1-9 -Zeal for God's Glory

Psalm 132:10-18 -God's Glorious Grace

Psalm 133 -Blessed Unity

Psalm 134 -Blessing the LORD Blessing

The Apostles' Creed

This is a series of sermon that express the importance of credal statements of faith that bring a vital unity to the communion of saints and the church. We have been exhorted by our God to "contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints [Jude 3]. The obvious question then is: "What is 'the faith' for which we are to contend?" It truly begins with God, for "this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent" [John 17:3]. Let us then know and confess the one true and living God.

I Believe in God

God the Father

God the Father Almighty

Maker of Heaven and Earth

Jesus Christ God's Only Son Our Lord

The Word Became Flesh

Jesus Suffered under Pontius Pilate

He Descended into Hell

Jesus Rose Again the Third Day

Jesus Ascended to God's Right Hand

Jesus Returning with Judgment

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Catholic Church

The Communion of the Saints

The Forgiveness of Sins

The Resurrection of the Body

The Life Everlasting

Yes and Amen in Christ

Truth & Love

2 & 3 John were written to the church at a time when the truth of Jesus Christ was being seriously undermined in the church. John writes to bring together the relationship of truth [doctrine] and the exercise of genuine brotherly love. You really cannot have one without the other.

Walking in the Truth

Guarding the Truth

Fellow Workers for the Truth

Imitators of the Truth