Christ Became a Curse for Us

Read Galatians 3:1-14 with Genesis 3:16-21

The curses placed upon the man and woman, for their disobedience against God, were just and necessary. To be cursed is more than just having God’s blessing removed; it is to be placed under condemnation and judgment for violating God’s glory. God brought the woman and man to justice, just as he did the serpent. But mercy still prevailed in judgment; these curses followed the promise of the seed of the woman, so that woman, man and creation was not subjected in futility, but hope of Christ Jesus, who became a curse for us [Gal.3:13].

The Covenant of Grace -Righteousness

Read Genesis 15:1-21

In the Covenant of Works, the condition of that Covenant was the perfect obedience of Adam, humanity's representative head before God. In the Covenant of Grace, the condition was the righteousness of God's Son, Jesus Christ, the representative head of all the elect. Abram was wavering and struggling in his faith concerning God's great promises of the Gospel and the "seed." In Genesis 15, we see the gracious condescending love of God meeting Abram to assure him of the immutable sovereign plan of redemption and every promise made unto Abram. And "Abram believed in the LORD, and he accounted it to him for righteousness." This was not Abram's, but Christ's righteousness being imputed to Abram.