Psalm 129 -The LORD Is Righteous

Read Psalm 129

We, as Christians, often shy away from these imprecatory psalms that pray for the LORD's justice to fall upon oppressors. Yet, in divine ordering, as Psalm 129 follows a psalm about the LORD bringing his blessing upon those who fear him, it bring the message of God's justice upon those who do not. This is the promise the LORD made to Abraham in Genesis 12:3, and praying for the LORD to curse those who would curse and hate Zion, is asking the LORD to be righteous - who he is.

The Christ of God's Covenant

Read Genesis 18:-7 with Luke 1:39-56

Upon hearing the news that she would be the mother of the Christ, God's Son, Mary went to visit Elizabeth already six months pregnant with John. But this was not simply a meeting of two expectant mothers; this was a meeting of the Old and New Covenant dispensations of the Covenant of Grace. And with Elizabeth confirming prophetically what the angel Gabriel had spoken, Mary truly knew that she was bearing her Lord and Saviour - the Christ of the Covenant of Grace.

Little Children - Of Such Is the Kingdom of God

Read Genesis 17:1-14 and Mark 10:13-16

Baptism is a sign and seal of God's everlasting covenant of grace to his people. The promises God makes are to believers and their household. Here we see Jesus regarding little children as belonging to his kingdom, and not only welcoming them warmly, but putting the blessing of God upon them.