Then God Remembered Noah

Read 1Peter 3:18-22 with genesis 8:1-22

God’s grace and mercy yet shine in the midst of his righteous justice. Noah and his children’s households are delivered from the flood and re-established on the earth. Though the nature of the heart of mankind is still fallen (depraved in the whole) the covenanting grace of God in Christ - seen through the sweet smelling aroma of the sacrifice of the clean animals - is what will meet the world until the final day of judgment.

The Covenant of Grace - Kingship

Read 2Samuel 7:1-24

The Davidic Covenant holds all the characteristics of the Covenant of Grace - sovereign administration, gracious promises, Emmanuel principle, eternally binding - and is the final lens in the telescopic viewing of the covenant of grace in the Old Testament. As God covenants with David to establish his throne and kingdom, He has His eye upon David's greater Sin - Jesus Christ, the one who is King of kings.

The Covenant of Grace -The Tabernacle

Read Exodus 25:1-22

Under Moses, God called for the building of the Tabernacle to be done according to the pattern of the heavenly reality, which was Jesus Christ. The tabernacle [and later the temple] was another unfolding of the Covenant of Grace for Israel. It set forth, daily, in the life of Israel, the gospel labour of Jesus Christ, which was necessary for Israel to be reconciled to God, and to be a holy people walking with their God. The Tabernacle declared Emmanuel [Leviticus 26:11-12]; was the Tent of Meeting [Psalm 27:4-5]; and was where the great Mercy Seat of God dwelt - the Ark of the Covenant.

The Covenant of Grace -Law

Read Exodus 20:1-21

Many Christians think there is an antithesis between the Law and grace, faith and the gospel [The Covenant of Grace]; but there isn't. The antithesis exists between the Law and using it for self-righteous motives in justification. The Law [The Ten Commandments] cannot justify us, but it can bring us to the one who does - the Lord Jesus Christ. The Law is an important part of the Covenant of Grace.

The Covenant of Grace -Passover

Read Exodus 12:1-24

In the Covenant of Grace unfolding under Moses, three more aspects are revealed in the Passover, the giving of the Law, and the tabernacle. Here, in the Passover event, the second sign of the Covenant in the Old Testament dispensation is given - the sprinkling of the blood of the Lamb over the doorposts of the house, so that the Destroyer would not bring death upon that household. Listen to hear for whom this sign was being put in place.

The Covenant of Grace -Resurrection

Read Genesis 22:1-19

Once more the LORD confirms the everlasting Covenant of grace with, and through, Abraham; this time through the command to offer up his only son, Isaac. Twice the New Testament references this scene, testifying to the justifying faith of Abraham, in which he rested in the hope of the Gospel - resurrection from the dead.

The Covenant of Grace -Circumcision

Read Genesis 17:1-14

God so graciously promises to save us from our sins and death through the blood of the Lamb, his Son. And God graciously gives a sign and seal of that covenant promise, which for the OT saints was circumcision. Circumcision prefigures baptism, but carries the same theology, applies to the same subjects, and holds forth the promise of God.