Of Mustard Seeds and Leaven

Read Daniel 2:34-45 with Matthew 13:31-35

The Parables of the Mustard Seed and Leaven set forth the growth of the Kingdom of Heaven. That growth is on two fronts: a visible, extensive, and exponential growth throughout the whole world; and a hidden, intensive, and transformational growth in the lives of people, and in the world. The Lord Jesus spoke these parables to encourage the church, that though the work of sowing is hard, he will prosper those labours.

The Prince of Peace and His Sword

Read Matthew 10:32-42

There is no contradiction in the Gospel by declaring Jesus as the one who makes peace with God, as well as bringing a sword [division] in our earthly relationships. Confessing Christ before does not always bring peace; in fact, more often than not it generates strife. that is because the gospel is to one an aroma of life, and to another an aroma of death. Who is sufficient for these things?

Sheep Among Wolves

Read Matthew 10:16-26

In calling us to go to the lost sheep, the Lord Jesus makes clear the situation we are entering - He is sending us as sheep among wolves. These wolves are not necessarily the world against us, but primarily false teacher and those who purposefully try to oppose the church by coming into the church bringing worldliness in their train, or through schism try and gather a following for themselves. In telling us this, the Lord Jesus teaches how we are to conduct ourselves as sheep.

Go to the Lost Sheep

Read Jeremiah 50:1-17 with Matthew 10:1-15

Our Lord Jesus gives a foretaste of the Great Commission to his apostles in sending them to the lost sheep of Israel. In this text Jesus gives us the baby step for serving as his kingdom on earth and teaches us that the things we need for preaching the Kingdom of Heaven are not deep pockets, classes in evangelism or grand theological training; rather we need to exercise our little faith, freely give and pity the lost.

The Love of Christ Compels Us

In this series on Witness and Evangelism we have considered first the importance of praying for each other to be bold in evangelism; last week how our love for Christ is an infectious witness; and in the sermon how the love of Christ compels us and enrols each disciple as an ambassador. This sermon touches on the subtleties of hyper-calvinism and the theology of the atonement.