Psalm 132 -God's Glorious Grace

Read Psalm 132

As much as David had zeal for building the temple to be a dwelling place for God's glory in the midst of Israel, God's zeal and purposes were even greater - making his church a dwelling place for his glory. Psalm 132:10-18 reveal the glorious nature of grace that has made Zion such a delight for God. Do you comprehend the depth of the grace of the Lord JEsus Christ?

Behold God's Servant

Read Zephaniah 3:14-20 with Matthew 12:14-21

In the midst of criticism, dislike and misplaced enthusiasm focused upon the Lord Jesus, Matthew digresses for a moment, taking us to Isaiah 42:1-4 to proclaim Christ as God's chosen servant. How important this was at a time when the people were hearing different things about who Jesus was. As the text proclaims, Jesus is the one established as God;s Servant who came to serve God's grace unto us.