Psalm 124 -If God Be For Us

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Psalm 124 the Lord wants us to walk confidently in the power of his might. It is the LORD who is on our side, and so of what can we be afraid? Even though Satan is a great and mighty enemy, the Lord Jesus has defeated and disarmed him and every power and principality that would seek our destruction. The LORD is our helper, and so we are not swallowed up alive.

NOTE: In this sermon I erroneously called the act of the Canadian parliament "a bill"; it was in fact "a motion", the difference being a bill has the process to become law; a motion is a resolution having no further process.

Psalm 121 - The LORD My Helper

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In our journey of faith unto eternal glory, it is o secret the way takes us through many hills - trials, temptations and distresses. When we lift our eyes unto those hills, where are our thoughts drawn? To the troubles waiting in those hills, or to the LORD whose presence resides in those same hills? Psalm 121 teach us how to focus our thoughts upon the LORD our helper, that we reast in the sufficiency of his grace.