O Lord Revive Your Work

Read Habakkuk 3:1-15

Habakkuk is moved to a place where he is able to offer praise and worship to God, even over the wonders of his justice exercised against disobedient Judah, and wicked and ruthless Babylon. That is because a genuine humility has filled his soul before God Almighty. This sermon explores the marks of genuine humility and how it brings forth praise, joy and peace even in troubled times.

Psalm 131 -The Grace of Humility

Read Psalm 131

We are called to humble ourselves under God's almighty hand, but what is that process, and what grace comes from such humility? Here, the fruit of contentment is born in the soul, which brings forth a genuine peace with God in our lives. Too many believers and pilgrims struggle with contentment because of their haughty heart, lofty eyes and distrust of God's providential ways. Do you "Hope in the LORD"?