The Lamb of God Is Resurrected

Read Ezekiel 37:1-14 with Matthew 28:1-15

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ began his exaltation by the Father. Matthew shows the supernatural witness given to the resurrection with the earthquake and angelic presence announcing the glorious event. The stone was rolled away, not for Christ to come out, but to show he had already risen, and the tomb was empty. Jesus’ resurrection has secured our justification, our surety of redemption and our comfort in life and death.

Little Faith Met By Christ

Read Matthew 14:22-36

Jesus' faithful ministry as Shepherd and High Priest is seen in this miracle of walking on water. He goes to meet his struggling disciples, whose faith is little, and who are making so little headway in the storm. He comes to refresh their faith in the knowledge of who he is, and by his presence bring them peace.

The Name Above Every Name

Read isaiah 9:1-7 with Luke 2:1-14

Many today might know the story of Jesus' birth, but few comprehend the wonder and majesty of the person of Jesus Christ, and who he is as Lord. The heavenly Father gave unto Jesus that name which is above evry name - LORD!. what does that name encompass and accomplish for his people. This message takes us to Isaiah 9:6 and the four titles that pertain to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Here is the child who has been born to us; here is the Son given to us.