Providence Comforts the Soul

Read Genesis 45:1-28

Providence is a living theology that Joseph teaches to his brothers in order to comfort their souls. Through Joseph we see Christ who endured the evil of men for the salvation of his people, according to the providence and purpose of God. The doctrine of Providence also enabled Joseph to extend grace, comfort and peace to those who had greatly offended him.

Providence and Changed Hearts

Read Genesis 44:1-34

God's providence works for his glory and the salvation of his people. The twenty plus years of living in unrepentant sin had taken their toll on Joseph's brothers. God uses Joseph's actions to turn their remorse into genuine repentance, and changed hearts. The character and work of Christ is revealed both in Joseph and Judah.

Providence - Emmanuel's Mercies

Joseph is experiencing difficult providence, yet in the strength of Emmanuel he is able to serve faithfully unto the Lord, resist temptation and see God's mercies even in prison. Providence, whether it is easy or difficult, is always working for the good of those who love God. Joseph, as a type of Christ, show the patience of waiting upon the Lord when they way is hard.

Providence - The Hated Brother

Read Genesis 37:21-36

Providence, God's holy wise and powerful governance over all thing s in our life, can be painful. Here we see the painful attitudes of Joseph's brothers inflicted upon Joseph. Yet, in all this sin and sinfulness, God is sovereign, and overruling for his divine purposes; which purposes are embraced in Joseph's life. Hear where Joseph gained strength to rely upon the Lord in this terrible season of sin.

Providence - The Beloved Son

Read Genesis 37:1-20

Joseph was a beloved son and one who pursued holiness, which stood in contrast to his brothers. For this he was persecuted and through this he had to trust in God's leading of his life. How can you see through Persecution and hard providence to know the Lord's will is unfolding for you, and rest in the covenant promise of Immanuel?

Providence Seen Through Joseph's Life

In this series Joseph's life gives a real application for how the doctrine of Providence is a resting place for peace, patience and perseverance in hope of the promise that the Lord works all things for good for those who love him...

God Is in Control

The Beloved Son

The Hated Brother

Emmanuel's Mercies

Patient Mercy

Providence and Changed Hearts

Providence Comforts the Soul