The Covenant of Grace -Law

Read Exodus 20:1-21

Many Christians think there is an antithesis between the Law and grace, faith and the gospel [The Covenant of Grace]; but there isn't. The antithesis exists between the Law and using it for self-righteous motives in justification. The Law [The Ten Commandments] cannot justify us, but it can bring us to the one who does - the Lord Jesus Christ. The Law is an important part of the Covenant of Grace.

The Lord of the Sabbath

Read Isaiah 56:1-8 with Matthew 12:1-14

Perhaps the one commandment Jesus spent the most time rescuing from legalism and the vain traditions of men, more than any other, was the Fourth Commandment: Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. Too many Christians are caught in trying to determining if something is lawful for the "Lord's Day" that they neglect what is lawful for the Lord's Day, and so break the moral law of God. Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your Sabbath, or have you made yourself lord of His Day?

The Danger of Anger

Anger is first on the list, concerning the Christian life and maturity in the Law of God, which Christ expounds here in the Sermon on the Mount. Anger has many subtle sides, and is rarely a righteous response in our relationships with each other. Rather, the Lord Jesus reveals the necessity and urgency of ensuring the sun does not go down upon our wrath.