Grace & Government

Read Romans 13:1-10 with genesis 9:1-7

In grace, God’s common grace of sustaining mankind and the earth, greater authority is place upon humanity to guard and exercise justice, under the authority of God. This is ever with an eye to the Kingship of Christ, understanding that he will bring forth true justice and righteousness on the earth.

Then God Remembered Noah

Read 1Peter 3:18-22 with genesis 8:1-22

God’s grace and mercy yet shine in the midst of his righteous justice. Noah and his children’s households are delivered from the flood and re-established on the earth. Though the nature of the heart of mankind is still fallen (depraved in the whole) the covenanting grace of God in Christ - seen through the sweet smelling aroma of the sacrifice of the clean animals - is what will meet the world until the final day of judgment.

The Great Day of Judgment

Read Genesis 7 with Luke 17:20-30

The Lord used the great flood of Noah’s day to bear judgment upon the sinfulness of the world, yet in the midst of his judgment mercy shone - the saving of the righteous. As the flood waters rose and prevailed upon sinful wicked humanity, the Ark was lifted up with those same waters and moved on the surface. God’s covenant love in Christ sustained his people in judgment.

The Covenant of Grace -Preservation

Read Genesis 8:20 - 9:17

God's Covenant of Grace unfolds further in history as we come to the time of the great flood upon the whole of the earth, in the time of Noah. This flood reveals the depth of God's wrath and judgment against the sinfulness of men. It also reveals the need of God's grace in salvation, as he calls Noah [a type of Christ] to prepare an ark, in which Noah and his family are saved. Further, upon exiting the ark, the LORD God extends his "everlasting" covenant with Noah, sealing it with the rainbow; God's promise to preserve the world for hsi grace of salvation to be completed.