Come to Me All Who Labour

Read Matthew 11:20-28

What do you consider as your greatest need? What do you look for, or where do you turn when stress, anxiety, worry, or busy-ness of life begins to overwhelm you? How often, after a hard day dealing with children, or stressful time at work, do you say "I need to spend an hour with the Lord Jesus?" Jesus has issued the invitation "Come to ME all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

The Prince of Peace and His Sword

Read Matthew 10:32-42

There is no contradiction in the Gospel by declaring Jesus as the one who makes peace with God, as well as bringing a sword [division] in our earthly relationships. Confessing Christ before does not always bring peace; in fact, more often than not it generates strife. that is because the gospel is to one an aroma of life, and to another an aroma of death. Who is sufficient for these things?