Restore Us O God

Read Psalm 80

The last Sunday of each month our morning service is focused exclusively on the psalms for singing and preaching. We have been journeying through the Psalms of Asaph (73-83) and this morning Psalm 80 was our focus. It is a psalm about praying for the revival of God’s people, His Church, because she has turned away from God and gone astray. Set in the time of King Ahaz of Judah and the conquest of the northern kingdom by Assyria, this psalm pleads for the Lord to restore the countenance of his face upon his people.

Psalm 134 -Blessing the LORD Blessing

Read Psalm 134

This final Song of Ascent, in this series on "An Ascending Spiritual Life", brings us to the place of doxology and benediction. As our life in Christ is purposed to glorify God and find our enjoyment in life in him, this psalm calls forth blessing to the Lord and promises blessing from the Lord.

Psalm 132 -God's Glorious Grace

Read Psalm 132

As much as David had zeal for building the temple to be a dwelling place for God's glory in the midst of Israel, God's zeal and purposes were even greater - making his church a dwelling place for his glory. Psalm 132:10-18 reveal the glorious nature of grace that has made Zion such a delight for God. Do you comprehend the depth of the grace of the Lord JEsus Christ?

Psalm 132 -Zeal for God's Glory

Read Psalm 132

Psalm 132 is the longest of the Song of Ascents, and is very covenantal in structure. It begins with a remembrance of David's zeal for God's glory in wanting a permanent dwelling place for the Ark of the Covenant, and shifts to God's promises to so bless his people with the graces of His glory. Israel had been so careless with the LORD's glory [the Ark of the Covenant], as 1Samuel attests; and in verses 1-9, we are shown how the glory of God in Jesus Christ envelopes us as a church: we can worship at his footstool, the LORD's presence abides in our midst, and we are clothed with Christ's righteousness.

Psalm 131 -The Grace of Humility

Read Psalm 131

We are called to humble ourselves under God's almighty hand, but what is that process, and what grace comes from such humility? Here, the fruit of contentment is born in the soul, which brings forth a genuine peace with God in our lives. Too many believers and pilgrims struggle with contentment because of their haughty heart, lofty eyes and distrust of God's providential ways. Do you "Hope in the LORD"?

Psalm 129 -The LORD Is Righteous

Read Psalm 129

We, as Christians, often shy away from these imprecatory psalms that pray for the LORD's justice to fall upon oppressors. Yet, in divine ordering, as Psalm 129 follows a psalm about the LORD bringing his blessing upon those who fear him, it bring the message of God's justice upon those who do not. This is the promise the LORD made to Abraham in Genesis 12:3, and praying for the LORD to curse those who would curse and hate Zion, is asking the LORD to be righteous - who he is.

Psalm 127 -Unless the LORD...Vanity

Read Psalm 127

In our journey of grace and faith in the Lord Jesus, it is easy to drift away from confidence and implicit trust in the Lord's building, watching and keeping of our life, family and church. Solomon recognized the vanity of neglecting the Lord in these areas; even with our skill in labouring, watchfulness and providing, we can labour without the Lord.