The Sword of the Spirit

Read Ephesians 6:13-17 with Luke 4:1-13

The Holy Scriptures of God is a weapon of our warfare in the power of the Spirit, necessary to put to death the schemes of the devil. For all the defences the rest of the armour of God give us, it is the Word of God that wields the death blow to Satan's temptations and lyings schemes.

The Good Soil

Read Matthew 13:10-23

Only the "good soil" is able to bear fruit from the "word of the kingdom" that is sown. That is because there is a vital union with Christ and the efficacious work of the Holy Spirit upon the soul. Are you abiding in Christ, and can you see the gracious fruit of faith, repentance, grateful worship, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life, and maturing in your life? These are the visible signs of a soul that has been prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive God's Word.

Do You Have Ears to Hear?

Read isaiah 6:1-13 with MAtthew 13:1-17

Matthew 13 is a distinct chapter of the New Testament focused on parabolic teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven. Here the Lord Jesus explains the purpose of parables, which is directed preeminently to the Church, and not the ungodly. In the Parable of the Sower there are three soils representing those, even in the Church, who would hear God's Word proclaimed and yet have no fruit born. Do you have ears to hear?