How Firm Is Your House 2

Read Psalm 119:97-112 and Matthew 7:21-29

The authority in which Christ spoke was so noticeable it astonished his hearers. This Sermon on the Mount pulled no punches in setting before the people the absolute perfections necessary to pleasing the Father. Do you hear these sayings of Christ? Are you persevering in the grace of God? This will show what foundation you are resting in, as the storms of life - the miseries of sin - come hard against your house.

How Firm Is Your House [1]

Read Deuteronomy 32:1-9 and Matthew 7:21-29

Jesus issues one of the most frightening truths concerning how people listen to his teaching in building their life on the christian faith - you can call Jesus "Lord, Lord" and not be known by him! Do you hear Christ's word and do it, or are you one who hears, and practices lawlessness? This is one key checkpoint concerning the foundation of your faith upon the Lord Jesus..

Look to Their Fruit

Read Deuteronomy 18:15-22 and Matthew 7:13-20

It be a challenge to discern between true and false teachers for two reasons: first, Satan is able to transform into an angel of light to deceive, and uses men in similar fashion to twist and pervert the truth of God's Word for their own selfish purposes. Second, our own heart can desire a teacher who tells us what we want to hear, which is not always in accordance to truth. The Lord Jesus commends us to "Look to their fruit" to discern false teachers.

The Narrow Gate

Read Deuteronomy 30:11-20 and Matthew 7:13-20

Jesus issues an imperative to his disciples to "enter the narrow gate", and while this text is often used as an evangelistic verse to the lost, it is first directed to disciples - the church. The gate is narrow implying the need of personal and individual faith in Jesus Christ; it leads to a 'difficult' way where the christian life is full of its trials and God's sanctifying way; but it leads to life! The wide gate leads to a broad way that ends in death.

Supplicating Prayer to the Father

Read Matthew 7:7-12

How earnest are your prayers? What can hinder our prayers? Jesus commands us to effective fervent prayers in his name to the Father, adding great promises to those who "ask, seek and knock" at the Father's throne room. And the Lord Jesus promises the Father will give the best of all gifts, the Holy Spirit who will fill us with his holy fruit.

You Shall Be Perfect As Your Father [1]

The Lord Jesus sets before us a couple of the most difficult commands of what it means to be salt of the earth and light of the world - do not resist an evil person, and love your enemies. Yet the goal of these commands is to become perfect like our heavenly Father. This message focuses on the first point - do not resist an evil person, but rather show unparalleled kindness and mercy; and Jesus is the one who went through each of the illustrations he uses, showing that unparalleled kindness and mercy to sinners, on the cross.