The Covenant of Grace -The Tabernacle

Read Exodus 25:1-22

Under Moses, God called for the building of the Tabernacle to be done according to the pattern of the heavenly reality, which was Jesus Christ. The tabernacle [and later the temple] was another unfolding of the Covenant of Grace for Israel. It set forth, daily, in the life of Israel, the gospel labour of Jesus Christ, which was necessary for Israel to be reconciled to God, and to be a holy people walking with their God. The Tabernacle declared Emmanuel [Leviticus 26:11-12]; was the Tent of Meeting [Psalm 27:4-5]; and was where the great Mercy Seat of God dwelt - the Ark of the Covenant.

Open the Doors of the Temple

Read John 2:13-22 with 2Chronicles 29:1-20, 35-36

Hezekiah came to throne at a time of grave theological, spiritual and moral decline. Judah was bankrupt financially and morally; the military gravely weakened by his father in numbers and morale; and the nation threatened by the Assyrian army. What did he focus on first? He opened the doors of the temple and cleaned out all the rubbish that had hidden Christ from the people. This message was a commissioning message for HOPE as her doors were opened in the heart of Kingston.