Do Not Fear Them

Read Isaiah 35 with Matthew 10:24-33

The most common command of Scripture to us is "Do not fear", and most often it is given when believers face the suffering and persecution from the world. Jesus, three times in our text, gives this imperative; and with each imperative, an ascending reason why we are not to fear men. Fear of men, which makes us silent in confessing Christ, is sinful because it exposes a shame of the Gospel, and of our Saviour. Christ points us to the perfect love of the Father to cast out our fear.

The Love of Christ Compels Us

In this series on Witness and Evangelism we have considered first the importance of praying for each other to be bold in evangelism; last week how our love for Christ is an infectious witness; and in the sermon how the love of Christ compels us and enrols each disciple as an ambassador. This sermon touches on the subtleties of hyper-calvinism and the theology of the atonement.